Rename Jackson Park

Dedicated to anti-racism, public education, and the elimination of white supremacist monuments from Alameda’s public spaces.

About “the Park formerly known as Jackson Park”


We won. On July 21, 2020, the Alameda City Council voted unanimously to dename the park formerly known as Jackson Park and remove the Andrew Jackson sign.

The City appointed a Park Renaming Committee which is seeking name ideas from the community using the criteria below.  Submit park names by October 31 on the City of Alameda website or via email to: ARPD@alamedaca.gov.

We are seeking a park name that reflects inclusion, diversity, and equity of the entire community of Alameda, and which represents social justice, human rights, and/or anti-racism. If a person’s name is submitted, they must be deceased. Submitted park names should be related to Alameda and/or the greater SF Bay Area.

Park Renaming Committee, City of Alameda, September 2020

Give Us A Sign

Rename Jackson Park community art project

You can contribute your ideas for the new name using the template!
When you are finished filling out and decorating the template, you can send your art to the Recreation and Parks Department Office: 2226 Santa Clara Avenue, Alameda, CA 94501 or you can decorate the template on the computer and email it to ARPD@alamedaca.gov with the subject line “Give Us a Sign”. Post your art on Instagram and Facebook with #giveusasign and tag us @renamejacksonpark!

All submissions will be displayed at the renaming ceremony as a temporary mural.

Support the Movement

Get Involved

Learn about our Park.

Learn about race and public space

join effort to Rename Jackson Park
Join the effort to Rename Jackson Park.

Join the Coalition and volunteer .

No Public Spaces Named for Racists!

Andrew Jackson by the numbers


Native peoples removed in the “Trail of Tears”


Africans held captive by Andrew Jackson


months commissioners stalled renaming Park


reasons to honor Jackson in Alameda

It’s clear: A monument to Andrew Jackson does not belong in Alameda.

Why Rename Jackson Park?

Jackson Park must be renamed due to his treatment of African and Indigenous or peoples:

Timeline of effort to Rename Jackson Park.

Rating: 0.5 out of 5.


[H]is contribution overall to the US and California was genocide.

Lynn L.

Rating: 0.5 out of 5.

“White supremacists!”

Remove monuments to white supremacists!

Alison H.

Rating: 0.5 out of 5.

“Time for change”

Time for change in the way we name our public spaces.

Beth L.

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